Car built in 2005 by Prodrive for the official Subaru World Rally Team program in the World Rally Championship. Petter Solberg, 2005 World Vice-Champion, has contested three rallies with it.
When the Subaru Impreza S11 WRC made its debut in 2005, it was the 8th generation of the Impreza WRC. With its numerous evolutions it was 30 mm wider than its predecessor, the S10, which made it possible to adopt wider tracks. This S11 also had plenty more elements in composite materials (wings and bumpers in particular). Beneath its stiffer shell, there was a flat 4-cylinder engine with a lighter flywheel, associated with a new IHI turbo, but also a new water injection system.
The Subaru Impreza S11 WRC “HC54 WRC” is the 7th chassis of its generation built by Prodrive. The various chassis of this generation of the Impreza from the Prodrive workshops include the numbers “54” after the first two letters of their registration. “HC54 WRC” made its WRC debut in the 2005 Cyprus Rally, the sixth round of the championship, with Petter Solberg at the wheel. The career of this chassis got off to an ideal start as the Norwegian set the fastest time in the very first special stage, the 38 km-long Lagoudera stage. When fighting with Loeb for the victory, Solberg was slowed down by electrical problems which would eventually cause his retirement.
The PRO.05.007 chassis made its return to the World Championship during Rally Finland, the tenth round of the championship, still in the hands of Petter Solberg. First leader of the event, the Norwegian set three fastest times and finished just off the podium.
A stripping of the (original) body was carried out in 2020. On this occasion, the interior was returned to its 2005 version, including a left-hand drive configuration. “HC54 WRC” was also returned to its 2005 Rally Finland livery, with an asphalt configuration and Sachs suspension.
Completely refurbished in 2020, with low mileage for essential components (engine, gearbox, differentials) since the overhaul, “HC54 WRC” is now fully ready to roll.
Car delivered with:
– Original UK registration certification (V5C)
– MSA Competition Car Log Book since 2012
– FIA Golden Book
– FIA homologation form
– WRC03 CoDriver Control Unit User Manual
– Center console user manual
Invoices and mileage charts attesting to the continuous maintenance of the car