This Renault Clio S1600 was built in 2004. It is one of the last Clio Super 1600 chassis produced by Renault Sport (103 in total over 3 years of production).

Technical definition of the vehicle:

  • The car comes from a complete restoration completed in 2022, chassis completely repainted interior/exterior;
  • ⁠Asphalt version
  • Original Matter headband, shell #100
  • ⁠⁠Sodemo Evo 2004 engine, revised;
  • ⁠Magneti Marelli Motorsport MF4 calculator with departure strategy;
  • ⁠Engine mapping: SP98 / SP102 (235 hp / 240 hp);
  • ⁠New engine harnesses and passenger compartment Evo 06 with central console and Dashboard on the tunnel;
  • ⁠Sadev 6 short ratio V2 gearbox and self-locking differential, factory specification, revised;
  • BOS shock absorbers Factory specification suspensions, with hydraulic stops, overhauled;
  • ⁠Design in the colors of the official Clio Team 2004
  • ⁠Delivered with its headlight strip

Documents accompanying the car:

  • ⁠Original FIA homologation form and VK option;
  • ⁠FFSA technical passport;
  • ⁠Renault Sport user manual;
  • ⁠Roll bar approval form;
  • ⁠Reservoir approval certificate;
  • ⁠Catalyst approval certificate;