2021 Porsche 911 / 992 GT3 Cup

The seventh cup-car iteration will carry forward a great legacy. Since its 1990 forerunner, Porsche has built 4,251 units of the globally successful one-make cup racer. The Porsche 911 GT3 Cup is the first race car based on the current 911 model series 992.

Broad and brutish, the bolide stands on the tarmac, every inch a thoroughbred race car. 510 hp, optimized intake manifold, electronic gearshift and power steering, fully digital cockpit, larger rear wing, and a double-wishbone front axle – which means the toe at the front is wider for the first time compared to the rear axle.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup produces more downforce with the gooseneck rear wing and a larger front lip. The result: higher cornering speeds and more direct turn-in for faster lap times, especially on winding circuits.

Our 992 GT3 Cup

  • One of the last car produced in 2021.

  • 49 hours used in total.

  • Options : Traction control /ABS.

  • 100% original, no crash or damage.

  • Matching engine, gearbox, ECU, …

  • Gearbox service done from Porsche Motorsport at 30 hours + driveshaft.

  • All Porsche Motorsport 2023 update.

  • Delivered with the car: laptop data cable, wheel tool, transport kit, Krontec, TPMS sensor, fuel drainer kit, …

  • Car ready to race and be delivered (used in 2023 only as a spare car).

  • All original documents delivered with the car.

  • FIA homologations valid.

  • Price: 230.000 € ex. VAT

  • Spare parts available with the car at extra cost.


Technical Specs

  • Drive type: Rear-wheel drive

  • Displacement: 3.996 cm³

  • Performance: 510 PS

  • Weight: 1,260 kg

  • Length: 4,585 mm

  • Width (front axle): 1,920 mm

  • Width (rear axle): 1,902 mm

  • Wheelbase: 2,459 mm